Sunday, February 16, 2014

Overjoyed and Celebrating!

This weekend my all-star cheerleading teams competed in Ft. Wayne, Indiana!  So, the hubs and I left after school on Friday... KID FREE!  Seriously, that never happens!  We drive for nearly 5 hours in the snow (note:  it's a 3 hour drive normally) and we finally arrive at 11:30 pm.  Whew!  We were pooped!  At 5:30, I awoke to a feeling of sickness - SURPRISE!  The flu decided to stop by for a visit.  So, let's just chalk that up as a loss and move on.  Ha!

I have so many reasons to celebrate!  First, I reached 155 followers on BlogLovin!  Second, I am at 173 followers on Teachers Pay Teachers.  AND FINALLY - My Book Order Fun Literacy Activities made the TPT newsletter!  Totally overrides the FLU!

So, in celebration, my store is 20% off until Wednesday!  Enjoy!  Click on the link below to shop!

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