Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spring Clean-Up Blog Hop

Welcome to your next stop!  This year I am teaching a 1st/2nd grade split and it has required lots of patience and organization.  I thought I would share how I set-up Reading Workshop/Daily 5 in our classroom.

We begin our day with a reading mini lesson.  This is taught whole group.  Students then Read to Self for 20 minutes while I conference with students individually or in small groups.  Then, students Read With Someone for 25 minutes.  
Here comes the part that requires MAJOR organization.  
For the next 75 minutes students are responsible for completing their Reading Station Maps.  These maps offer practice in the areas of writing, word work, comprehension, fluency, and so much more! They are independent activities that students complete while I work with small groups or individuals on specific skills that may need introduced or reinforced.  I also use this time to challenge those students who need their brain "stretched."  They receive their maps on Mondays and the MUST DO's (stars) need to be completed by Friday.
Here's what our station maps look like. Click here to download a PDF copy.

Now let's talk organization.  
How in the world do I organize all of these stations? 
 I have 3 Reading Maps each week.  The materials and directions are placed in totes.  They are clearly labeled with the same photo from their station map.  Students can work anywhere in my classroom while I am teaching small groups as long as they are whispering or silent.

What if students finish their station maps before Friday?

They are allowed to work on activities from another leveled Map OR they can choose from my dessert tub.  You can see this in the photo above.  There are games like boggle, word towers (Jenga), letter tiles, mini books for writing, and much more!
Where do students keep their work and maps?
Students keep their maps and all completed work in their station folders.  One side is for reading.  The other side is for math, which I set-up the exact same way).  As students complete each task, they color it in or place an X in the box.

What happens when students don't get their MUST DO's complete (items with stars)? 

On Friday afternoons we have Ketchup and Pickle Time.  Students who complete their Must Do's get to PICK something fun to do (PlayDoh, Legos, Puzzles, etc.) and those who don't finished are Ketchups with me!  Click on the photo below from First Grade Garden!

How do I get students to be independent?
 Here's how...  With this magical poster from 3rd Grade Thoughts.  Students must ask 3 friends before asking me or my teaching assistant.  It's AWESOME. 
 Now, it looks like I have it all together, but check out this hot mess!  We have chicks!  I have to get this organized.  Any ideas???

Now it's time to...

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  1. Holy WOW!!!!! I can't even begin to imagine how long it took to make those sheets.