Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Stock Up - And a GIVEAWAY!

Are your bags full yet???  Well, make room for more great additions to your classroom!  
I'd like to show you a product that I simply could not live without!  Reading Strategies for Growing Readers is a product that allows children to help create a small, skill-based anchor chart for each Guided Reading strategy that you may teach in your mini lessons.  I use them with my CAFE board, but the possibilities are endless!
As you see below, students create an illustration for each strategy that I teach.  Then, they are posted in my classroom so that they can be referenced throughout the entire year.  Students LOVE getting to show their understanding!

A second "must have" for guided reading are printables to go with the texts that you are teaching!  This past year, during Read to Someone, students worked with a partner or in small groups to read a text on their independent reading level, or their instructional reading level (one level above independent).  For each text they use, I created short reading guides that help them use the strategies I've taught in previous mini lessons.  As they go along, they work together to read and understand the text.  This allows time for me to move through several reading groups in a small amount of time.  

Students have a 1/2 inch binder that they use to keep their book and questions together.  These are stored in their independent reading bins.
Take a peek inside my Froggy Goes to Bed reading guide!

Here are just a few of my other available units!

 Now... I know that all of your precious children, RARELY need reminders of your expectations, but... Just in case they do, I have created this product to help with the "forgetsies."  I use this at the beginning of the year to help teach my procedures.  Each procedure is taught in an "I do, We do, You do" format.  Behavior examples are given so that the teacher and students can model the correct, incorrect, and almost-but-not-quite actions.

 Now, who is ready for a giveaway???

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